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Started by a group of socially-minded and entrepreneurial students from the London School of Economics and Political Science, we are committed to bringing change to the communities around us. We tackle the most pressing social issues around us through an enterprising mindset.

Want to be your own boss and start your own social enterprise? Have a brilliant project idea but lack project funding? Join us!


We are always looking for passionate and socially-conscious individuals to join the ever-growing family of LSESU Enactus! 








Our Projects

LSESU Enactus consists of 3 divisions: Social Projects Division, Consultants Division and Innovations Division.


The Social Projects Division features our three flagship projects: As Told By Them, Creative Cycle and Vita Nova, all based locally in London. As Told By Them works with the disadvantaged and homeless to attain sustainable income and gainful employment. Meanwhile, Creative Cycle aims to empower women in vulnerable conditions to secure financial independence through entrepreneurial means. Vita Nova is a new project established last year which helps NEETs and tackles the problem of fast fashion waste by turning unwanted clothing into tote bags.

A newly established division entering into its 3rd year, the Consultants Division is the student-initiated consulting arm of LSESU Enactus. The division aims to provide robust, pro-bono consulting services to small-medium enterprises, guided by our Business Advisors that come from top firms including the likes of EY, Amazon, HSBC and Barclays.


The Innovations division generate and develop future projects. It also helps think of ways to improve our current projects. Ideation Events are held regularly to encourage like-minded people to together, share ideas and enrich lives through social enterprise. 

Have a brilliant project idea? Email us at enactus@lsesu.org.

As told by them

As Told By Them is a project that aims to assist the homeless in Greater London to share their stories and experiences through the creation of podcasts. We hope to turn this into a revenue-generating project in the future, allowing our beneficiaries to receive an income for their incredible lives while gaining confidence and speaking skills. 

Creative Cycle

Creative Cycle is a project aimed at helping vulnerable women develop their entrepreneurial skills and create their own businesses, opening up the path to a sustainable way of life, security and confidence. 

Vita nova

Vita Nova is a project designed with the primary focus of creating a sustainable society by tackling fast fashion waste. We deliver a workshop on sustainability where we work with our participants to produce and sell tote bags made by upcycling clothing.

Consultants Division

An inaugural division formed in 2017, the project consultants focus on bridging the informational divide that social project members face. The division was formed with the intention of providing an alternative perspective into existing challenges faced by project leaders and members when carrying out their projects. This is done by tackling the most fundamental problems that projects will face.

Innovations Division

This division was created to harness the wide pool of talent and experience that students at the LSE have, in order to develop ideas for future social projects. Ideation Events are held regularly to encourage like-minded people to together, share ideas and enrich lives through social enterprise. 

Contact LSE Enactus

If you wish to work with us or have a brilliant project idea, please drop us an email!

Join us!

To access all our resources, mailing list and society-exclusive events, including bonding events,

sign up for a membership at: https://www.lsesu.com/activities/societies/society/enactus 

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